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Is it possible for kreusen to drop in 2 days?

This is only my 2nd batch and am stumped. I am brewing the Northern Irish Red kit with the Danstar Nottingham dry yeast. I put the aerated wort and yeast, after rehydrating it,into the bucket primary on Monday at 1pm CST and am storing it at 68 deg. I noticed a few bubbles in the airlock on Tuesday, but nothing “aggressive”. When I checked Weds morning, there were no more bubbles. I checked a couple more times throughout the day and nothing. I was curious, so I opened the top and looked inside. The ring of crud is stuck to the sides about 1" up from beer, but no more kreusen is present. There is some brownish/greenish material still floating on top and there was an occasional bubble rising to the surface. My questions are, has the beer possibly gone through the primary phase already in only 2 days? Is it still getting going? Should I just leave it for the 10 days or pitch more yeast? I haven’t taken a gravity reading because I wanted to not disturb it if possible until I know better, but the OG was 1.042.

Thanks for any help you can give

Oops, I just found this post now, sorry I didn’t find it before posting mine. I guess I’m doing okay then, I will just follow the replies to this one.

Happy brewing,

" Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:26 pm

never had the tick foamy

I am on my second batch of beer, it is the Irish Red Ale Extract kit using the Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast. I followed the instruction on the yeast packet which said to add the yeast to 4oz of warm water and let it stand a few minutes than pitched it.

My problem is that it has never had the tick foamy looking layer of krausen on top of the beer and never had a strong bubbling action in the air lock. Like my first batch of beer or from what I read about the fermentation. It has been nine days since I pitched the beer. There were few bubbles in the air lock maybe 2 to 4 a minute.

Any ideas on why I’m not having a good strong fermentation? Do you think that I should add more yeast? If so how long will the beer last without a good fermentation? If more information is needed let me know."

for a 1.042 OG beer id say its definitely possible. Anything is possible with yeast. if 68 degrees was the ambient temperature it could have fermented a little warm and the beer temp could be in the 70’s causing fermentation to finish quick.

relax dont worry have a homebrew! another gravity reading is the only sure way to tell if its done. give it another week or two to let the yeast clean up after themselves

ps. bubbles are a very inaccurate way to judge the ‘strength’ of fermentation. i think you will be just fine

Took a gravity reading today and found it at 1.010 already, so it went quick I guess. I will leave it for a couple weeks to let it finish nicely, I hope. Thanks for the help.

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