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Is it a bad idea to drill a small hole in my kettle lid?

Is it a bad idea to drill a hole in my kettle lid?

It would be bust big enough for my thermometer probe.

I’m planning some BIAB batches. With my current thermometer, the lid has to be cracked and I’m sure I could hold the temp better with the lid shut. I’d rather not modify the kettle to have the thermometer in the side. Seems like that would get in the way of the bag and get in the way of cleaning.


Its just a lid we dont need no stinkin lid. I say go for it.

I wouldn’t drill the lid - just open and stir and check temp and if you need to add heat fire up the burner. Or better yet, use some insulation on the kettle and help it maintain the temp so you don’t have to check it at all.

mine came with that hole already in it. works great

Drill it or buy a cheap lid online and drill that.

I don’t see an issue with it and its simple enough to do.

If you changed your mind later you could plug the hole.

More importantly - you are not boiling the entire time with the lid on are you? You should always allow steam to escape as it takes away many volatiles that are boiled out… Oops, just saw you are BIAB - my bad. Your boil kettle is your mash tun! So drill away, why not?


tallied the votes and am planning on drilling before next brew day. FWIW it is a cheaper lid, so i think i could replace easily. will bump thread when i feel regret.
thanks much board!

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