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Is honey mead lactose free

I just purchased a honey mead kit and I was wondering if it is lactose free

Honey is straight fermentable sugar. Lactose is found in milk so found more in dairy stuff.

I understand that lactose from dairy products. However it also comes from wheat. I also have made a beer kit that has a lactose additive.I just want to make sure that the honey mead kit is lactose free,

Hot dang. Learn something new everyday. I’m pretty sure though that if it is just honey, you should be ok.

Just curious where did you hear that lactose comes from wheat? Wheat is gluten and can act the same as lactose make you have gas and bloating can happen if person has gluten sensitivity

I’might sorry I mentioned gluten-free

That last response was supposed to say l’m sorry I meant gluten-free. Spell check changed it.

Dang spell check always playing tricks on us. :smiling_imp:

That makes more sense. Honey is gluten free.

Thank you guys for all your help

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