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Is day 2 too late to add water?

Hey, it’s my first brew. I added my wort to the Primary fermentor. I read not to add the junk at the bottom of the pot. I think I held back too much though. There is only 4 gallons of wort in the fermentor. I brewed it last night. Is it too late to add water, or will it be ok?

You can add water at any time. Just make sure it has no chlorine, and deoxygenated water would be best. Best way to do this is to boil the water, then cool, then add.


I really appreciate it

I hope it’s not too late to point out that if you add water it will change your OG and therefore your final alcohol content. It will also change the body of the beer. You need to consider if volume is that important to you.

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Like mentioned above check your gravity if it’s what your looking for probably leave it. If the OG is good and you want to add volume also add some DME so you maintain your gravity. If it’s extract then your OG will probably be high in which case I would just add it to the bottling bucket when you bottle

Did you take an OG reading? If it was high, I agree with brew_cat. I would boil a gallon of water to put your priming sugar in and put it all in the bottling bucket.

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