Is Corn Sugar Necessary for NB Saison de Noel

I am brewing the Saison de Noel kit tonight. Do you think eliminating the corn sugar addition at 0 minutes would impact the flavor? I would like to keep the ABV down?

Also do you think 73 degree brew temp is too high?

Haven’t brewed this one. Not using the corn sugar will reduce the ABV and increase the body and mouthfeel. The corn sugar will ferment out completely resulting in a lower final gravity and a drier beer. I think it could still end up being a good tasting beer without adding the corn sugar.

Which yeast are you using?

Have you tried the Petite Saison for a low alcohol but very tasty beer?

Thank you.

I am using 3711 French Saison.

I let the fermentation temperature free rise to 71°F, ambient temp 68°F, when I brew the Petite Saison with WY3711. The yeasts range is 65°-77°F. I don’t think 73° would cause any unusual off flavors. Some people push it up to 80°+, but they are looking for extra ester production.

I agree with flars. Start that yeast in mid 60°s (66°-67°) after a couple days start raising the temps ( a degree/day). By the end of a week you should be around 71°.