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Is anyone from the office here?

I hope there is a human up there. I need to get supplies… Yeast being priority… Will I be able to drive down to the ware house near Rosedale and get what I need?
If not, can I send it in by email, then pick it up?
Or even better yet… Is there a phone number to call?
Not hammering on NB… But not putting a human voice behind the business, really causes me to look else where… I’ve been buying from NB since 2002… And my allegiance is starting to wane…

Here’s a link to a post from a NB person:

Maybe this person can answer your questions.

I did send a message via “contact us” I’ll wait a few days… Thank you. Sneezles61

We do watch the forums, but the best way to reach us is to check the contact us page. We do not generally do warehouse willcall, but you can pick-up from the NB or Midwest supplies store

We do have a “human voice” behind our business at all of our stores and with our customer service team. The method of contact is a bit variable right now but it’s the same people who have been helping for years. I am sorry that this change is causing you to waiver on your allegiance. We are working to find better ways to help with the communication concerns.

We found your email and will respond there to see what we can do to help. Cheers, Todd J


Waiver on your allegiance what a great turn of phrase I love it I can’t wait to use it


Well, I’m not driving into St.Paul… I live up north and Roseville would be as far as I go. I got some choices to ponder…

Sounds like your waiving on your allegiance. That didn’t take long

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Which Waiving(waving)? Sneezles61


And now they seem to have discontinued the on line chat. Placed an order on Jan 1 and it’s still listed as “unfulfilled”. Send a message using the support link at the bottom of the page and have heard nothing. I’ve been a loyal customer for years, spending what my wife tells me is a ridiculous amount of money. Things started getting weird with the site redesign and have gone downhill from there. Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch …

We have responded to the email you sent last night, @Phowson. We do expect to expect to be back online soon. Thanks for the orders and loyalty.

Thanks. I just got the email. What’s the status with the online chat support?

Seems like a top not spinning well balanced… I hope all issues get fixed.

An update on this from my recent personal experience. I ordered ingredients for 3 brews back in November. When I went to brew my Nugget Nectar clone last weekend, I realized I was short 1 oz of Nugget. I sent an email to support (late Saturday night after they were closed), and got an answer back Tuesday that the replacement was being shipped at no charge. This final oz was for a dry hop so I wasn’t in any hurry. They’re definitely still answering.


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