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Is a higher power telling me to quit brewing?

I need a hug.
Saturday 03/24/2012 brewing day.
I planned on bottling two batches, and brewing a Dunkelweizen. Wife was gone just me and the dog.
1, First batch SS MINNOW Mild went great. Bottled and priming, confidence soaring. You might say somewhat cocky.
2,Raspberry wheat to bottling bucket, First indications that my day was going down hill, siphon kept clogging, decided to run it through a funnel with strainer, Stariner plugged ,flipped, emptied 6lbs. of Raspberry pulp into bottling bucket.Attempted a second straining, hoping to get at least 3 gallons of the original 5. dumped pulp into basement sink, Oh did I mention septic system with a lift pump, Started bottling couldn’t get 4ozs. before bottling wand would plug. Slow burn erupts, rest of beer in sink. Sink doesn’t empty,Inspect crock, waste level not dropping. Dang the pump is plugged. Shop vac black slop of death out of crock.(Anyone on a septic system knows the smell when you try to clean the sludge out of the bottom of the crock. Almost done 10 gallons of liquid poured on the lawn. Last pumpings are the worst. About 2 inches of the solids that have built up below the pump intakes. (Black slop of death times 10). Lift shop vac. lose grip in slow motion bucket falls. The splash zone of 5 gallons of black slop of death is approx. 14 feet and up to 3 feet up the walls, washer, dryer, water softner, freezer, carboys and buckets. 3 hours of scrubbing, and bleaching, I’ve still got a Dunkelweizen to brew because I don’t want my starter to go to long.
3, Brewing goes well. I don’t trust normal brewing buckets or fermentersthat are still soaking to get rid of the black slop of death splashed on them so I rack to my only clean carboy 5 gallon. After the blow off Sunday I’m down to a little over 4 gallons left and wonder if I’m not smart enough to take a not so subtle hint.

Please excuse the novel, but it was very cathartic to vent.

Holy hell, man. What an awful day! I don’t know what to tell you other than don’t quit brewing. Sh*t happens, take it with a grain of salt. And I’d say, no a higher power isn’t telling you to quit brewing (because I don’t think there is one). But other opinions will certainly vary.

Take a break man, that’s a tough day. I’d probably want to take a couple days off work after that mess.

Sorry for your loss - it must suck to spend time and money on a batch and end up dumping it. Pouring a beer through a strainer into the bottling bucket is a sure recipe for oxidation, though, so figuring out a way to keep the fruit out of the siphon is the way to go (a piece of nylon stocking on the end, for instance).

I did the sanitized hop bag at the end of the siphon, but by the end I had stirred up the Raspberry pulp so much I couldn’t keep it out of the siphon. The purpose of my original post is that I believe that all humor is based on another person’s misfortune and I’m just trying to do my part to make everybody feel smarter, less smelly, more coordinated, and better looking.

I feel your pain, brother. I had to dump a batch due to infection, and I know I felt tears running down my cheeks. Keep brewing. When a brewer quits, a little part of each of us hurts.

Goal achieved (except for the less smelly part).

Dumping batches is the worst! After about six months I got infections in a couple batches in a row. FInally realized it was my bottling bucket. Seriously came very close to quitting. Hang in there, every problem forces us to learn a little more. :slight_smile:

Sometimes the Devil messes with our attempt to do the divine, turning water into beer. Consider it a learning experience. Seems so much of home ownership consists of these nasty crappy learning experiences.

Great story, in a ‘better you than me’ sort of way. :wink: As a new brewer, your perseverance is inspirational to me. I look forward to better and worse brew days. Hang in there!

Dear Beersk, I’m sorry you are not married otherwise you would know where the truly higher power exists. 32 years of marriage it’s amazing I can walk upright without a spine. " I don’t know what I did, I’ll never do it again, I’m sorry"

If it makes you feel better, i’m getting ready to dump a batch myself. No infection, just some bad off flavors. I have been delaying this for a couple weeks now.

I am sure your higher power came home and issued her decree from on high! :lol:

I once had a blowoff in a 5 gallon bucket of my biab double IPA. Blew the cover clean across the room. Lost 4 gallons from the bucket in the explosion, mostly to the ceiling and walls. After scrubbing, washing, carpet cleaning, replacing curtains and shades, two coats of killz, and two coats of paint, the higher power told me I could still brew… 8)

Sorry for your bad day - we all have them (although, gotta say, yours made me feel better about mine:)

Now, for the big question - stop brewing? Obviously not. After a day like that, it is likely you should brew a little more so that you have enough on hand to drink the memory away.

never stop brewing. whatever doesnt kill us makes us stronger. ive been lucky so far i guess, no crazy storys like yours. i am married though. brew on!!!

I started brewing in November and all has gone well so far. [9 brews]
So I sit here laughing at these unfortunate stories that happen and yet
in the back of my mind I know “MY TURN IS COMING”. Just wish I knew when!
Relax, have a brew. I feel for ya.

Happy brewing,
Big AL

no, I’m not

nice going al keep up the pace. i couldnt.

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