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Irony taste

I am a relatively new brewer here and have done numerous “Mr Beer” recipes but find that tweeking them a little difficult. So what I’m looking for is the ingredients that lend an irony taste to beer. The reason is when I was stationed in Germany back in the late 80’s my favorite beer was EKU Rubin. I want to make this ine the worse way. It was a dark beer with an irony taste to it. I have made the Super Alt recipe offered here at NB and its somewhat close to the flavor but lacks that iron taste. Are there any seasoned brewers here that can help steer me in the right direction ? Grains, Hops, or yeast ? I am an extract brewer and lack the equipment to do an all grain but steeping grains I can do. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Wow we’re usually trying to get rid of metallic flavors!

I’d maybe use a high portion of a dark crystal like Special B. Something like 10-20% of the grist. Its one of those things where too much of a good thing gives you a little metallic character.

There’s nothing wrong with a little irony with your beer…

Add blood, doesn’t matter if it’s pig, chicken, or human. Or spinach.

Thats weird. I was looking for a little sarcasm in my last brew.

It’s like RAAAAEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNN, on your wedding day…

sorry. :cheers:

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