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Iron Bowl Brew?

So, today is the Iron Bowl (the Auburn v. Alabama game, for those of you not from the South). Auburn is a huge underdog. So, if they win, I will most certainly be brewing a beer to commemorate the occasion. I would like for it to last an entire year (as will my bragging rights). What should I brew?

Again, this is all contingent on if Auburn wins, but even if they don’t, I could still use whatever you come up with for commemorating something else!

The truth is, I haven’t had much luck brewing anything to cellar, so I would like some suggestions. Anything will do! I’m an extract brewer, btw, but I’m looking to move to AG soon, so keep that in mind.

A big southern saison! that doesnt even make sense, but I like the way it sounds. WDE!

Lol, I like it. We’ll see, though. I’ll continue to explore my options.

Any other ideas?

War Eagle!

I don’t see how you even have a choice. An Imperial Amber (well, Burnt Orange) Ale.

Oh well, looks like I don’t have to worry about this conundrum until next year… War Eagle anyway!

You guys still have a lot to be proud about.

THE BEER ALWAYS STANDS, win or loose you still booze :slight_smile:

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