Irish stout malt - SMASH barleywine and partygyle

Recently a bag of irish stout malt was given to me. So i figured i’d make a SMASH barleywine and partigyle.

I’m going to do a no sparge for 4 gallons, boil it down to 3, with magnum hops. Then ferment it in my new 3 gallons fermenter with S-04, or Nottingham. (high gravity english barleywine is the objective).

Then ill drain the rest of my mashtun (and batch sparge), for 5.5 gallons, boil it down to 4.5. Hop it to IPA (or ISA) standards with Columbus for bittering, and late with Citra and Amarillo.

Basically, my question is: Is anyone familiar with ‘irish stout malt’? is it more similar to marris otter or US 2-row? I’m curious of your opinions on this malt

Not familiar with it but it sounds like English 2-row[quote]

1.5-2°L. Hailing from Cork, Ireland, Malting Company of Ireland has made high-quality malts since 1858. MCI started as Beamish and Crawford’s floor maltings operation, and has since expanded into a cutting edge, high quality malting operation, blending heritage, quality, and character into a potent triumvirate.

Irish Stout Malt is characterized by plump, round kernels with very low protein and high extract. Low kilning temperatures mean a very pale wort with high enzyme levels. While usually used in Irish stouts, it is at home in any style calling for an English-type pale malt. This malt’s tendency to be very pale and very high in enzymes means it is well suited to adjunct-laden worts, such as the classic dry Irish stout grist.

Typical values:

Extract (Coarse, dry basis) 80-83

Color (L) 1.5-2.0

Diastatic Power (Lintner) 80-90

Malt Protein 8-10%

Soluble/Total 44-48

Beta-Glucan 30-50

After seeing it at the store a few times I finally tried it out for a Foreign Extra Stout with coffee malt in it. It’s still aging in the keg although I did have one glass I mixed with a shot of espresso which was great. That’s all I’ve tried though, and this is a newer recipe I wrote so have nothing to compare it too. Hope to hear your results.

I recently did a 10% English barleywine with S-04. The S-04 took it from 1.093 to 1.018 in a week. After three weeks in primary I racked to secondary where it’s been bulk aging since 1/1/13. I snuck a taste yesterday and I am happy.

I did a 10% all-Maris Otter barleywine with Nottingham in primary and Champaign yeast in secondary and was a little disappointed. It finished at 1.015 and didn’t have a lot of personality after six months. It seemed to need some more flavor to go with the base malt.

Did I push the final gravity too far with the Champaign yeast?

I mixed it with a dry Irish stout and called it Foreign Export. Not bad.