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Irish red ale fermentation

I brewed the all grain kit on Saturday. Sunday had good activity in the air lock. Likewise on Monday. Now it is slowing down and I never got any krausen to speak of. I used the wyeast American ale yeast II and it inflated before pitching. Temperature is at the low end of the suggested range. Should I be concerned or repitch? I was going to wait till there was no activity before taking a final gravity.

If you are fermenting at the low end you should warm it up towards the end of fermentation, especially with a high flocculating yeast. I would warm it up and give it till the weekend before taking any hydrometer samples.

I agree you need to warm it up to at least 68 deg then up to 70 deg.

A couple weeks ago I did an Irish Red, using WY Irish ale yeast. Pitched in the upper 50’s, kept her in the low 60’s, and attached a blowoff tube. I never saw any visible indication of fermentation(it was in a bucket). 3 days into fermentation I decided I’d better take a reading(I usually wait for a week). She had dropped 30 points, so I attached an airlock and left it alone. I did warm her up to upper 60s after 7 days to finish up.
Point to be taken: Take a SG before panicking.

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