Irish Red Ale did not carbonate


Brewed my first batch using the Irish Red Ale extract kit. Everything appeared to go well, was in primary for 2 weeks, secondary for 2 weeks and in bottles for 2 weeks. I used regular table sugar and prepared the priming solution as instructed the in the recipe (Table sugar 5/8 cup in 16 oz water). After 2 weeks of bottle conditioning, it was rather flat with little to no carbonation. It was stored in my basement where the temperature is around 60 degrees. I brought it up and put in a closet where the temperature is higher for around a week, but the result is the same. Beer tastes great, just no carbonation. I did make sure the priming solution was mixed well and tried a few bottles.

Any ideas on what could have gone wrong and anything I can do to salvage this batch?


Wait two more weeks, at the warmer temperature, then chill another bottle for a few days. 60°F probably caused the yeast to go dormant. Gently tip the bottles, after the beer has warmed, to resuspend the yeast.

Thanks, will try that out…