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Irish moss fresh

Did got new irish moss. My brew buddy did bring it from his last trip back home. Only thing its. Compleet leaf irish moss. Not flakes. Try to blend it. Damn the blender did burn. The stem got around the grinder. Now can i still use this kind of leaf irish moss

Sorry Wilco,Haven’t used this stuff, so probably not much help. Sounds like a pain in the arse…any aversion to Whirlfloc? Cheap-ish, and easy to use.

Did some of the leaf burn in the blender? I would not use heavily charred pieces if some leaf did burn. Aroma on other parts of the leaf should not be a problem since only a very small amount is used in the boil.

Try using a chef’s knife to mince some of the leaf. Only need 1 teaspoon for a 5 gallon boil.

Did try this see how it goes. Yesterday did order some irish moss i am fam with the flacky stuff again

Back to the regular irishmoss. On order

Did chop the irishmoss to fine pieces. Just done. Getting ready for brewing session.

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