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Irish moss and lost reading glasses =

Well I used Irish moss on my now fermenting Irish red ale ( extract kit). I just realized I misread the directions and added 5 teaspoons of it during the last 10 min of the boil. Too late now as it has been fermenting for a week now.

I should have been putting in .1 teaspoons per gallon not 1.0.

Hopefully it’s not too bad.

Nothing to be concerned about. Irish moss is a fining agent. It helps coagulate protein particles in the wort so they’ll drop out easier when it’s chilled. Whirlfloc does the same thing. 1/2 tab for 5 gals.

A teaspoon per gallon is more than necessary but won’t do any harm. Where did you get the .1t per gallon recommendation? I’ve always heard 1t per 5 gals of wort. I just shake it out in my palm and toss it in. Usually closer to 1T.

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I think so to 1 tbs irish moss per 5 gall

I had the “0.1” tsp instructions on the side of the small packet I got from NB. I should have caught it but just asssumed I had it right.

.5 tsp per 5 gallons. I also do 1tsp per 10gallons with equal results. So your label is correct

1 tbs per 5 gallons is just wasting materials

Yup That’s what the the label suggests: 1 teaspoon per five gallons

.1 teaspoon per gallon is probably as effective, but those pesky decimal points can cause problems.

At $2 per bottle, perhaps the simplest thing to do is to use whole number and avoid abbreviations. :slight_smile:

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Yes it would have been nice to have a larger label or font on the label:

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