Hello everyone. Thanks for all the help you have gave me so far. Is anyone out there familar with Eddyline Brewert in Buena Vista CO? If so does anyone have a recipe for an IPA that is close to their Crank Yankers IPA. I live too far from Buena to carry enough home to make it until I visit again. Thanks agian for your help

From there website, 7.0% ABV 65 IBU Big maltiness up front, bold aroma from the El Dorado hops. Maybe start with a single hop El Dorado beer?

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure how I missed that on their website??? I am real new to home brewing. Can you point me in the right direction on the Malt and Hops? I just looked through the catalogue I have and none shown. And really Thanks again. Wayne

You could get beersmith 2.0 and it will be super easy to get the right IBU and alcohol content. There are also some free sites out there that you can do this on.

ok i will download the beersmith. been thinking of ding that anyway. now another newby question. any suggestions on a malt for the Eldorado Beer? I found the hops… And guys THanks for the help. I think I am addicted to brewing already

Good job scoring the El Dorado hops. I assume you are an extract brewer, so I came up with a basic recipe.

8.5 lbs Dry Extract
.5 lb Munich Malt
1 lb Caramel/Crystal 40L
1 oz El Dorado 60 minutes
.5 oz El Dorado 20 minutes
.5 oz El Dorado 1 minute
3 oz El Dorado Dry hop 7-10 days
White Labs California Ale yeast

I see they are at the GABF, might have to try some of this

enkamania Thanks for allyour help. I will post results after my first tast in a month of bottle conditioning.