IPA using fresh ginger root recipe

I’ve done a few home brews kits and want to try putting something together myself…well, and the help of all of you. I was thinking about doing something like a blonde IPA using fresh ginger root. I’ve looked online but can only really find ginger beer. I’m very new at home brewing so I’m really just taking a stab in the dark (if you will) with all of this so the more information, the better.

Thanks in advance!

I think the hop level of an ipa might clash with the ginger. Ive had beers brewed with ginger but they were not very hoppy. If you want to use ginger maybe brew something a bit less hoppy and add some fresh ginger to secondary.

If you go with fruity or citrusy hops, then this may work, but I’d keep the IBU’s on the low side. You can use a lot of late hops for some fruity aroma and flavor. I’ve never done this, so this is just a WAG, but below is what I’d try.

Let us know whatever you end up doing. As I typed this out, I’m actually starting to think this may be a tasty idea I’d want to try at some point.

“Dark & Stormy” Pale Ale

Ballpark OG - 1.060
Balanced water profile (Cl = SO4) Shoot for ~100 PPM SO4

95% 2-row
5% Extra Dark Crystal

20 IBU’s Magnum @ 60 minutes
20 IBU’s Amarillo @ 10 minutes
2 oz Motueka @ flameout

US-05 (or similar) in low 60’s

2 oz of fresh grated ginger in a hop bag in secondary. Taste daily. Pull ginger once intensity meets desired level.


Make a tincture of ginger in dark rum (Gosling’s Black Seal would be my choice, Myers is a passable substitute) and add it after fermentation is complete. Not sure the quantities here, but I’d probably ballpark it at 2oz of ginger in 8 oz of rum. Add half, taste, then add more if needed.

Sorry to bump an old thread… very old thread. But I had great luck adding fresh ginger to a recipe.
I made a ginger tea. Boiling water in a mason jar pus fresh finely chopped ginger (3 thumbs of it). I then let that steep for 4 days at room temperature. Added the water and ginger during the last 5mins of the boil.

I tried to replicate Ginga ninja a ginger IPA never could get it. Luckily Black Hog brewery is close.