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IPA recipe recommendations


I’ve been an all grain brewer for a few years. Not a big IPA guy in general and so have never brewed one, but have desire to make a nice easy to drink IPA for others who love them. Looking for a crowd pleaser beer, not too crazy hoppy or bitter but certainly true to the IPA style.

Does anyone have an all grain IPA recipe that they love and would be willing to share?

Any suggestions are very appreciated.


Take a look at NB’s Chinook IPA. All Chinook hops. Light grapefruit/citrus flavor. An easy drinking session IPA. I brew the extract version. Requested at the dinner table when Chinese, chicken, or pork is being served.

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Brew a coatal evac clone. 80% pale ale. 20% caramel malt. 60min cetenial. 30 min cetennial 10 min cetennial. Flame out cetennial. Og 1 065 fg 1.010. Ibu. 40

The Chinook ipa is a good choice for a kit. You also can just take that recipe and substitute the late hop additions with your favorite hops.

I am enjoying the Conundrum session IPA all grain kit from our host. Just on the low end of hoppiness and bitterness.

Due to equipment contstaints, my AG batches are 3-gallons. NBs Dead Ringer is my go-to AG IPA recipe. I also just recently tapped a keg that was my scaled-down version of their all-grain Kama Citra recipe. Forget humility, it’s friggin amazing. Both of those recipes give me that, “I like this better than a lot of commercial brews” pride.

Yesterday, I also put a 5-gallon extract kit of Ace of Spades into the keg. I’m not usually a black IPA fan, but we got the kit during the “IPA day” sale to round out the order. The flat beer was pretty good; I expect it to be really good once carbonated.


Thanks for the suggestions. We will brew either the NB Chinook IPA or the NB Kama Citra. Will let you know how it plays out.

very appreciated


The dead ringer is another good one…sort of a Bell’s 2 hearted clone. It’s not very bitter and has decent aroma. It’s a good one for non-IPA folks.

I branched off the recipe for my own all centennial IPA that’s a little higher abv, a little more bitterness and loaded it up with late addition hops.

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