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IPA Recipe Advice

I posted earlier in the Hops forum with some sorachi questions. I’ve decided to try an extract palisade / sorachi ace IPA.
After perusing the internets, I’ve decided to keep the sorachi bittering additions low.

I’m not shooting for a total hop bomb, and they additions are rounded to the 1/10th oz due to my kitchen scale.

Do you guys think this will come out alright? The 8 oz steeping of Caramel 40 is just to empty the cupboard!

To keep the color and chance for scorching down, I will start the boil with the 1lb DME with ~ 1/4 of the LME. The other 3/4 LME will be added 15 min before completion of the boil. This late addition will put my kettle close to 4 gallon…which is the total volume i’m looking for in this batch.


Ive heard you get better flavor and aroma from a 20 minute addition than from a 10, but Icant say for sure. Looks good to me though.

Noted! That’ll make it easier for sure…considering I get one addition out of the way prior to adding more lme. It tends to occupy a few minutes stirring, and this way I won’t have to rush my other two hops additions.

Cool. Hope it goes well for you. Brew days should be easy and relaxing after all right? I mean this is a hobby.


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