IPA in secondary

Just wondering, for those of you who do use secondary, how long on average do you guys leave an IPA in secondary before kegging or bottling? I am doing a recipe right now which says 7 to 10 days which seems a little short. Any opinions. Thanks

Long enough to let the residual yeast drop out and to dry hop, if you are dry hopping. 7-10 days is usually plenty for this.

I have a double IPA in the secondary right now and the directions called for 30 days with a dry hop addition 2-days before bottling/kegging.


I go 3 weeks primary then I rack to 2nd with 2 to 4 ounces of hops. I use pellets and 10 to 14 days seems the best. That “IS” my secondary. As you can see, it’s alot different than what the directions would say.

So that’s about 5 weeks total or so…makes some very tasty IPA’S.

Happy Holidaze

this gal does secondary on every non-dark batch…and harvest my yeast.
(I know I know mostly guys, but there’s a few gals here :roll: )

anyway, I also primary at least 3 weeks, sometimes 4.
then secondary at least 2 weeks, dry hopping the last 7-10 days of that.
total about 5 weeks.

I have a common in secondary now for 4 weeks and an alt now will do same.

and totally worth the wait… I ALWAYS have nice clear beers without any additions to clear.

once you rack to secondary, get it off the cake, you can just see it clear up.

Thanks for the responses. Is there any downside to leaving it in secondary for a longer time? Got to go on a 2 week vaca, so it has to be either 3weeks or 5weeks. Opinions?

No problem leaving it longer.

Package it up before you leave, ready to drink when you get home. :cheers: