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Ipa ice cream!?

Yeah, it’s real. Pineapple Upside Down Cake IPA ice cream. And I’m eating it. And it’s delicious.

Not sure where I read about it, but it was about putting hop pellets in vanilla ice cream. Not sure how that would taste…

Where did it come from? My friends and I have been talking about simmering hops in cream and then making ice cream from that. I have made beeramisu before and soaked the cookies in Abyss with IPA in the whipped cream layer.

I live in Delaware. There’s an ice cream shop in Rehoboth with all kinds of funky flavors. They make an ice cream they claim contains DFH 60 Minute. It was good but it tasted nothing like any beer, let alone DFH 60. Rehoboth is where DFH’s first brewpub is located.

I had Citra ice cream at Revolution in Chicago. It was interesting, but nothing I’d go out of my way for. It tasted of citrus but no bitterness. No idea how they added the hops, but there wasn’t any noticeable hop matter.

At the hipster Ice cream parlor of course.

Apparently you can’t purchase their ice cream unless you ride your fixed gear bicycle there in your skinny jeans. The good news is there is a brewery 2 blocks away.

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