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IPA hydrometer reading and dry hop?

I have been traveling for work and haven’t had time to brew. I passed a home-brew store in Trenton NJ and decided why not? I bought a Brewers Best IPA with extra hops to dry 2oz. Centennial (hop union). Brewed with not problem roughly 1.060 that was friday. kept it cool around 68 degrees in a swamp cooler. It’s now reading 1.013 and is cloudy as hell. Thinking I’ll put it in a carboy and dry hop tonight. Should I put it in the fridge to cold crash now while I dry hop or later?

After. Dry hop for 3-5 days then cold crash for two days or so. This will help drop the hops out of suspension before racking.

PS: If you brewed this only a week ago, you should let it sit in the primary for another week then rack to secondary and dry hop. Or just toss the hops in the primary in a week and follow the same procedure. Really no need to rack to secondary unless you want to harvest and reuse the yeast. Either way, let it sit in the primary for at least 2 weeks from pitching.

I think Dobe and I believe in the same thing, and that’s to have a truly finished beer in the primary. When the Krausen falls away and the beer begins to darken is generally when I begin to start testing with a Hydrometer over a few days to get consistant low readings, and that can be anywhere 2-3 wks.
Beers can appear to be finished, but need extended period of time to clean up. I usually dry hop in secondary, then Cold Crash. Other’s stay in primary the whole time, but the main thing is having the beer finished completely, IMO.

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