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IPA hop schedule

I am slightly apprehensive that I could have overdone (if posssible) the hopping on my IPA that is in primary right now. It needs to be hop-forward but not out of balance. I am not looking for hop juice.

5.5 gal OG 1.066 (91% 2-row/7% munich/2% c80)

80 IBU

60 min: Magnum, to make up IBU to total needed
FWH: 1.5 (0.75 Amarillo and 0.75 Simcoe)
10 min: 0.75 Amarillo, 0.75 Simcoe
5 min: 2.0 Citra, 0.75 Amarillo, 0.75 Simcoe
1 min: 1.0 Citra, 0.75 Amarillo, 0.75 Simcoe

Dry hops of same blend, amounts YTD.

So it’s mainly just the 5 min. addition that could be overdone. I think I just need to RDWHHB. But this will be served during upcoming holidays, so I’d like for it to be good.

You’re definitely going to have a superhoppy beer! That looks beautiful to me, but I’m the sort of a guy who wants to have a really hoppy IPA. That’s the point, isn’t it? I tend to brew lots of other, more “balanced” styles, so when I do an IPA, I really hop it up.

I think you’ll be really pleased! :cheers:

Thanks, Capitan. I get more worked up over how a beer will turn out when I know it’s made for other’s to enjoy.

Mmmmmm. Going to be quite the tropical ipa, that’s for sure. 8)

I personally wouldn’t worry about overloading a 5 min addition. You essentially hop bursted this beer, so the bitterness probably won’t be over the top. Even if it is too hoppy for your taste, aging slightly will probably cause the hop flavors and aromas to recede some.

I did a simcoe, armarillo, and willamette IPA this past summer with chinook to bitter. Did a fwh with all three, a 15 minute addition, a flameout addition, and then two massive dry hops. Beer turned out great!

Still finishing up primary, but if early tasting is any indication of final product, I think it will be good. Was not overwhelmed by the hops at all.

As for the dry hopping, I think I will go with a 50/50 of Citra/Simcoe. Was thinking of 3 oz pellets of the 50/50 combo in secondary and then an additional 2 oz whole hops into the keg.

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