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IPA gone bad?

I am brewing the India Pale Ale extract kit from Northern Brewer. The primary went well, OG 1.064. I racked into the secondary after 14 days, SG at that time was 1.016. All signs of fermentation had stopped after the first 7 days in the primary. It was quiet in the secondary until a couple of days ago when it started bubbling again. I just rechecked the SG and it dropped a couple of points to 1.014. I also tasted it. It is a little sour with a funny medicinal after taste. I am worried that I have a secondary infection going on. Any advice?

Wait a couple weeks. If it’s contaminated, the gravity will probably continue to drop and the off-flavors intensify.

Agreed. And for future reference, SG stands for “Starting Gravity” which only refers to the gravity at the beginning of fermentation. Also known as “Original Gravity”.

Generally SG is used to mean “Specific Gravity”, OG for “Original Gravity”, and FG for “Final Gravity”. Referring to any hydrometer reading as “SG” is entirely correct.

Son of a bitch! Well, I feel like a fool now. :oops:

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