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IPA at 10 Weeks....Loosing Flavor?

On 9/11 I brewed Jamils Evil Twin, extract version. I don’t recall exactly when I got into the keg but the first month of drinking this beer was great. I had been looking for something similar to Santa’s Private Reserve and this beer is a close match. Lots of malt and lots of hops…just a great beer. Over the last few weeks the beer just isn’t as good as I remeber. It’s almost as if it has lost some of it’s malt flavor. The alcohol taste is more than I remeber, it’s still a good beer just not the great beer I remeber from a month ago.

Could the beer have changed this much over the last few weeks or has the newness just worn off and I am seeing (or I guess tasting) it differently?

over 10 weeks, yes a hoppy beer will change.

You could add a little dryhop in the keg, freshen it up again. Won’t help with the malt, though.

I know hops flavor can be lost over time but is this also true of malt flavor?


drink faster? share more?

yeah, I’ve also noticed that hoppy IPAs can have an incredible brightness to them when they are young which fades over time. The hoppiness definitely changes/decreases over time, and those changes appear to influence the perception of malt in the brew.

Definitely drink it up in its prime.

ive noticed hop flavor getting weaker over time. also IME the bitterness mellows a bit

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