Ipa ale with kveik yeast

morning so yesterday did brew a ipa with the kveik yeast not yet fermenting yet now wait and see.how this brew will come out guess will know in six weeks

Keep us posted… Use a lot of specialty malts? I am curious how this yeast adds flavor to the brew… Sneezles61

I meant to get my IPA going Sunday, but got sidetracked replacing brake pads (I guess the wife not dying in fiery death trumps beer. A little). I’m brewing it this weekend, though. What temp are you fermenting at?


I’ll brew IPA tomorrow if my yeast starter, aka molasses porter, is ready to rack. Tons of Centennial fermented at 62 ramped to 70 with 1272, dry hopped Centennial maybe some lemon drop if they still smell ok.

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did use lots of malts did check it just now fermenting lots haha me happy did use a blow over hose will let it sit for a while and take a grav reading


between 75 to 85