Iodine test problems (with pictures)

What are we doing wrong here? Starch remains if there is still purple in the iodine test right? we mashed at 150 for over an hour and a half and STILL have this much purple in our test, what are we doing wrong? Is our test faulty? or are we doing it wrong? do we have the wrong concentration of iodine? (%10) Or is the iodine test nonsense? any help is appreciated!

I think you have the wrong Iodine you need this one. ... e-tincture

I never test any more since I have conversion in less than a hour plus the stuff is dangerous.

Pretty much any idine will work, even iodophor. But IMO the test is worthless. Id y mash,ed for an hour and a half at 150, you have conversion unless you really screwed something up.

take a specific gravity reading and compare to your expected potential gravity for your grain bill…?

We hit our OG right on the money (1.056) for a pale, so in the end I guess it came out all right, I just don’t know why our Iodine test was so goofed up. We did a test every 20 minutes and each time found that there was MORE purple in the test. Since our numbers came out right, I’m figuring that our test was done wrong.

Gees Denny you been into some home brew your spelling is slipping :lol:

There may have been some tiny particles of grain in there.

You didn’t use a paper plate did you? j/k :lol:

haha, no, no paper plate. I know as long as I hit my times and temps, then most of the time I’ll be all good, but I’m stubborn like that, and want to know WHY the test didn’t work, or at least what I did wrong.

The proper iodine tincture is 0.127g of iodine crystals and 0.25g of potassium iodide in 50mL of distilled water. If you just have iodine and no potassium iodide, then the reaction doesn’t really work that well.


Gees Denny you been into some home brew your spelling is slipping :lol: [/quote]

iPad typing…

Dust or unmashed grain particles in your bowl will throw off your test too.

Just look for the rainbows on the bubbles in the mash. :smiley: