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Hello, Fellow Brewers!

Just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m not a new brewer but I’m far from an expert. I’ve been brewing for about two and a half years. Started out with Mr. Beer (don’t fear the LBK! :lol: ) and have slowly made my way toward all grain brewing. Just now starting to do BIAB and will have lots of questions.

Hello Chuck.

You have come to a great place to get answers to all your questions.

Hey Chuck!
Welcome aboard. This is a great resource for info. as i’m sure you’ve already discovered. These guys are awesome. If you really want to get ‘em goin’, ask about secondaries, tannins, or diacetyl. Just kidding around!!! :cheers:

Welcome! There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

And don’t expect immediate responses :lol: while the advice is sound sometimes it takes a day or two.


Just trying to save him the agony of reloading the page every 2 minutes after he posts when he has an emergency request. Been there too many times. The benefit is that you learn to be better prepared and more self-reliant. When the advice around here is so good you forget to retain knowledge… at least the lazier among us do.

Hey Chuck, welcome. Great bunch here, they’ve helped me out for years. Remember not to get your gut in a twist, that’ll sour the beer. Time is on your side…Cheers!

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