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Interupted Ferm


I brewed up a British IPA the other day, cooled it down and pitches some Safale s-04, about 11.5 grams. The next day there was obvious signs of fementation. One the third day, nothing… The temp in my fermentation room is ~62-63, unfortunately I do not have temp control. Is this a problem, should I wait it out, or throw in some energizer?


It’s possible the yeast did their job. Either take a hydrometer reading today or wait a few more days and take one.

I would wait 2 weeks before moving it to a secondary or bottling.

Does not sound too unreasonable, perhaps you could post your grain bill, pitching temp, and your OG. Most of the time when it stops bubbling it does not indicate that fermentation is over, the yeast is normally still going and cleaning up an off flavors during fermentation as recommended above by nighthawk wait 2 weeks before transferring or bottling and test with your hydrometer.

Grain bill includes:

6lbs ex. light malt extract
1oz dark crystal
2oz carabohemian
.5lbs crystal 60
.5 lbs maris otter

Go ahead and warm it up to around 70 just to help those yeast clean up after themselves.

I’m letting it sit for now. I’m gunna take a reading on it and depending on what it is i may transfer it and add the dry hops. Based on what I’m hearing, this yeast is a fast eater and i have nothing to worry about. I hope!

Thanks everyone.

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