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Interesting yeast article

Fun article on yeast studies. I’m a beer guy, and have always noted at wine tastings that wine yeast tastes like baby vomit and sawdust. Curious about what traits they are selecting in their studies.

Never tasted baby vomit, but tasted saw dust. I enjoy a good glass of dry red once in awhile. Didn’t NB do a wild yeast beer a few years ago?

hah… maybe I’m being a bit harsh. A lot of wild yeast beers and wine share a kind of off, weird, spoiled kind of flavor to me. Reminds me of canned chicken soup that’s gone off. One batch of wines I tasted all just tasted like sourdough starter. I couldn’t taste anything else. I guess I like my yeasties beaten down by decades of selective breeding.

I wouldn’t conclude that the wild yeasties are, well, wild tasting. A small brewery in Superior Wisc. has a/some brews in which they got the yeast from a plum fruit from up here. I will say its not bad at all, some where in the neighborhood of a softer 570. Sneezles61

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