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Interesting Things Found in Your Mashtun

What are some interesting things you have found in your mashtun after not using it for a while because we went out of town.

Now… To prefix things first we keep a very neat and clean house… And I clean my brewing stuff spotless everytime right after brewing.

Anyway we smelled something bad in the garage… Turned out to be a mouse that had fell into the mashtun and died giving our garage that wonderful distinctive smell of a rotting animal.

That’s right a mouse!

I dry mine and then store with the lid on and valve closed. Not much going to get in there.

I usually keep my mashtun closed, but once a spider made a home in the output of my valve. Didn’t know it until I tried rinsing the tun before I mashed and no water came out. I squirted some hot water from my kitchen faucet through the hole and out popped a very ticked off spider.

What I assume were the grains from the brew I did 2 weeks before.

I had forgotten about them until I opened the lid to prepare for brewing.

After I stopped vomiting…

I sealed the lid with duct tape and threw it in the dumpster at work…the one that bakes in the sun all day.
I told a coworker I was throwing away a cooler and if he wanted it he could have it. :twisted:

After he stopped vomiting…

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