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Interesting reading about koduõlu

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Yes, very interesting, and theres more! Thank you for that link Damian! Sneezles61

I can’t think of any angry dogs in my area. Is my beer ruined? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, very cool read. I get a laugh out of seeing the wooden vessels and think how we go crazy sanitizing everything. Can’t say the juniper sounds that great in beer though.

What I found interesting is how it’s all about the process the tradition. The beer is secondary. I can relate to that.

That’s an awesome article. Would love to have that experience sometime

Interesting stuff, it sounded familiar and I looked at my Beer Advocate magazines: found this from 2016:

Yup, a parallel right there… I was also reading some of the other stuff Larsblog has… Doesn’t it seem as though he and another guy brought Kviek out into the world? Sneezles61

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