Interesting Look as BW Settles in Secondary

Today I racked my barleywine to the secondary. It looked like orange juice with all the yeast still in suspension. A few hours later I took a peek to see how it was settling and this is one of the two secondary fermenters. The yeasties are settling out quite nicely. OG was 1.136 and FG is 1.034 and I did this on a yeast cake of US-05. There was about two gallons of thick yeast slurry in the bottom of my 14 gallon fermenter after I transfered it.

thats purdy. :slight_smile:

Wow that’s weird looking. Hope it’s an awesome barleywine!

She’s a big’n. Looks good!

Here it is this morning. Getting a little airlock activity as the yeasties found a few munchies.