Interesting idea for a first cider

i want to mash a pound or so of crystal 20, maybe a decoction mash in a gallon of water, then add that to 4 gallons of apple cider.
is that doable?
what will the effect on the final product be?

i might throw a little honey in there too.

Technically, i believe that would make it a graff.

However I think it could be an intersting way to add some residual sweetness to the final product as opposed to backsweetening.

I make a wildflower honet IPA every year that uses 3 Lbs of honey in it. On that recipe I mash @ 156 to keep the final product balanced properly.

I say go for it, at the least it will be a good learning experiment, although I expect it will turn out quite delicious.

Keep us updated on the process and the final tasting notes.

its in the fermenter
been bubbling heavily for a week now

this is what i ended up doing
i scored 5 gallons of some awesome cider from a friend whos boyfriends family runs an orchard. this was the best tasting, sweetest cider ive ever had. i requested a recipe for the cider but havent gotten it yet.

i steeped .5# crys 10 for about an hour, in 1 gallon of cider
then threw it in the bucket with the cold cider and a little hefe yeast and a fresh packet of irish ale yeast.
i know that hefe yeast is eager and strong. that irish ale yeast was a little slow to get going in the smack pack, so final tasting will be interesting.
it measured 1.050 going in the fermenter

green apples is exactly what it tastes like.

im not at all a fan of the cider but this is actually drinkable.

its not dry at all, nor is it sweet.
it just like green apple juice.

the women tasters have liked it
ive been told “its not angry orchard but its definitely good”

final gravity was 1.000
and yes, i shook it off and checked it twice