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I thought I would start off by telling you all a little about myself. I’m from sunny Southern California and have been (like all of you) bitten by the brew bug. I started of brewing extract from a close family friend that had been doing it for years. He showed me the ropes and from the first batch I was hooked. The first batch was a Honey Wheat that at the time I thought was great. From that time on I have been reading as much as I could and BUYING more equipment. It didn’t take long before I was going all grain and then the real fun started. I find it extremely gratifying when I get to share one of my brews with friends and they say “you brewed that, no way”. This is definitely my new addiction!!!
Thanks to all the people that contribute to the forum and Northern Brewer!!!

Welcome to the passion. Brewing rules. Cheers & beers.

Welcome to the obsession! This forum is a great place to come and talk about brewing… since pretty soon your friends will get tired of hearing about your brewing… if they haven’t already. Also, if you haven’t, see if you can find a home brew club near you to join. The wealth of knowledge and availability to borrow equipment and supplies is just fantastic!

+1 to dobe12 a homebrew club is a huge help. I also live in Southern California and belong to a club. They’ve been a big help. As has this forum and the great brewers that post on here.

Cheers, and welcome!

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