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Innkeeper or Cream Ale

What to brew, Innkeeper or Cream Ale? I’m leaning towards the Cream Ale. Are they similar in taste or is the Innkeeper that much more on the bitter side? A little insight would help, I have enough bottles left for one brew. If I do the Cream I was thinking of adding a pound of honey to the recipe.
I’m working on collecting more bottles a six pack at a time, its hard work but I’m up to the task.

Innkeeper. It’s a really nice, diiferent low ABV, fast turn around beer. Not really similiar, not really like anything else. Not bitter just smooth, I use to pull 1 liter mugs of this at a time.

Cream Ale? BORING! But whatever you or your drinking mates are into.

I am putting my money on most responses to this ? as Innkeeper. 8)

Good summer brews on both fronts. The Innkeeper is one of their most popular kits for a reason. But the Cream Ale does have a ton of favorable feedback and comments on the website. It sounds to me like you have your next two beers planned out. Just make sure to plan right so that by the time the bottles are empty the Cream Ale is ready.

Innkeeper with West Yorkshire Ale Yeast is great. I made it using some other yeast that I had from a another starter (another english yeast, but can’t remember which) and it was just okay.

With the lighter beers, you might want to bottle some or all of it in larger plastic bottles -2 liter or 1 liter soda bottles. I keg now but I was using some 2 liter bottles to make bottling easier. With beers that you are likely to enjoy in larger quantities and quicker turn around, this is a possible solution. Even now that I keg, I use 2 liter plastic bottles as easy growlers. So, now I ask for friends to save empty soda bottles for me. Especially nice are the 20 oz. bottles. Just a thought for you to consider…


You can’t go wrong with either. At the risk of stepping on toes my Son’s first reaction to tasting the Cream Ale was that it tasted as close to New Glarus Spotted Cow as anything He had tasted, including NB’s Speckled Heifer clone. They are both really nice Summer Ales.

Innkeeper! and definately use the West Yorkshire. It has much more character and personality than a Cream ale, IMO, but still low ABV, low bitterness, easy drinking session beer. If you brew this beer right you will be very pleased with the results.

Innkeeper with WY1469

If you dont use WY1469 dont bother brewing it. IMO WY1469 makes the beer.

I’ve never had the Innkeeper before, but what i can tell you is that the Cream ale is amazing. Do yourself a favor and make the Cream ale w/o the honey if this is your first time brewing it because it does not need anything. Also you will love the Cream ale during this up coming summer heat.

I’ve done both. They are both pretty light, great for summer, and both go over really well with ‘average’ beer drinkers. The Innkeeper is a little more bitter, and the cream ale has a slight sweetness to it. They both make good ‘tailgate’ brews.

I have my third batch of cream ale bottled right now, but it would be a flip of the coin to pick between the two. I keep doing the cream ale, because the ‘light’ beer drinkers I know keep requesting it for parties.

I love a good cream ale in the heat of summer, especially good after mowing the lawn in a iced glass. I use 25% flaked rice in the mash, mash at 147 or lower, shoot for an OG of about 1.055, keep the IBUs very low, and ferment with WL001 in the 60-65 degree range. Mmmmm.

My first brew is the cream ale which just became ready. I bumped the OG up tp 1.060 and wow is ths a great beer i’m sure it will all be gone this weekend!!!

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