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Innkeeper extract no carbonation

Brew day went very well for this one, no boilover, cooled wort in under 10 minutes. No issues. Had in primary for 8 days, then secondary for 7. OG 1.042, at secondary 1.009, at bottling 1.006. Came out very clear and tasty. 8 days in the bottle, absolutely no carbonation, tastes very good but totally flat. Used 5oz priming sugar from NB for batch, got 48 bottles out of the batch. Bottle conditioned at 70-72 whole time. Fermented a bit high at 70-74ish during active fermentation. Secondary at 70.

Don’t appear to have any issues w/ bottle cap seals. Bottles were cleaned using near boiling water, scrubbed w/ bottling brush, baked at 285F for 3 hours and then covered tops in aluminum foil until use. Never used any soap, star san, or anything on the bottles. Fermentor and secondary only star san. All fairly new equipment and haven’t had any gunk built up or left in any equipment, I clean immediately after emptying via scrubbing and star san.

Not sure what to make of it. Some reviewers of this beer stated carbonated w/ good head at the 4-7 day mark. I don’t expect it to be fully carbed in 7 days, but would have expected at least a little carbonation. I did notice what I perceive to be a smaller amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottles compared to the other beers I’ve brewed.

Is it possible I had too much yeast fall out of suspension? I can’t really taste the priming sugar (I drank the very bottom of my bottling bucket so I have an idea of what it tasted like w/ the sugar added). Most of my other beers have come out fine w/ good head except one batch - the AK47 extract kit from NB seemed to also have low carbonation, but far better than this one. Both of these kits seem to have relatively low alchohol content, is that somehow affecting the carb level?

Any insights would be appreciated. I am going to let it sit for another week and sample, but I suspect the issue will still be present.

You could try to gently tip the bottles and see if that induces carbonation.

It is possible the priming sugar did not mix throughout the bottling bucket. Chill another bottle for three days and test for carbonation. I don’t try any of my beers, low to average gravity, until they have had at least two weeks to bottle condition. High gravity beers will take longer.

it’s possible the priming solution wasn’t thoroughly mixed.

I’ve found that it takes 2 weeks minimum to bottle condition. This includes slowly turning the bottles over a few times (upside down, then right-side up) to get the yeast back in suspension at the end of the first week as well as the end of the second week; then putting in fridge and allowing 24hrs. to dissolve/force the CO2 into the beer. I allow an extra week or two if it’s a high gravity beer or if I’m conditioning below 70*.

Thanks for the help guys.

I didn’t mention in my first post, but at bottling I put the priming sugar in the bucket first, then racked the beer on top. I also gently stirred w/ a spoon for a minute to mix (I haven’t mixed w/ a spoon prior to this batch).

I have been shaking up the bottles every day for the first 7 days, too.

I may not have given the beer enough time to cool prior to testing, though I would have still expected at least a little carbonation.

I went and put a heater in the room I’m storing the beer in and got the room temp up to 74F, hopefully this will get the yeast going. I’ll also continue to rouse the yeast and will post back.

So I could only keep the temps warm in the room for two days due to also needing to put some fresh carboys in there. Let beer sit for total of two weeks in bottles, still no carbonation.

Moved all the bottles to another room and cranked the portable heater up so that room temp read 76F. After two days I was gently shaking the bottles and one seal started leaking. Resealed and put that beer in the fridge for two hours then opened - has low carbonation, but definitely some! Looks like 70F just was not enough of a temp to get the carbonation going.

I’ll check back in another week w/ results.

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