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Inn Keeper with Wyeast 1469 - Fermentation Temp

I will be brewing up a batch of Inn Keeper this weekend with Wyeast 1469 - West Yorkshire Ale. 2L starter is made and ready to go.

What is a good target temp to ferment? I will be using a swamp cooler with a Fermometer on the outside of the bucket. Wyeast recommends 64-72.

This will be my 6th batch of homebrew. For my first 4 batches, I fermented in the high 60s with no real temp control. Everything but the Caribou Slobber finished at 1.016 or below. The .016 was an ESB made with 1968, the others, APA and IPA finished .012 - .014. The Slobber finished at 1.0178 (Windsor Ale Yeast).

For batch 5, I brewed NBs Black IPA, 1272 with a 2L starter. Pitcched a bit warm - mid 70s. Fermented in a swamp cooler in the low 60s (62-64). After 1 week in swamp cooler, moved to warmer room for a week While I haven’t bottled yet, after two weeks, gravity was 1.0207, which I think is high. After my non-temp controlled brews coming in with a nice FG for the most part, this is a bit disappointing.

So, looking for some advice on what temp to ferment the Inn Keeper.

Thank you.

We’ve fermented that yeast at around 64-66 a couple times and the fruity esters really came out nicely. Not sure what happens on the warm end though

I recently fermented a double batch of Innkeeper with that yeast, with one carboy kept around 62-64F, but letting the second increase to ~68 (maybe touching 70 for a couple of hours). I can definitely get more esters out of the second carboy. Both of these were ~ 5.5 g in a 6 g carboy. The first barely reached the neck of the carboy, but the 2nd kept a little higher plugged 3 airlocks over two days and actually shot one off. This was my first time using Yorkshire, and man this yeast kept a thick krausen for at least 1.5 weeks!!!
So if you plan to keep it a bit on the warm side, save yourself some heartache and start off with a blow off tube.

All in all, having two batches is a blessing…the days i’m in the mood for a more “fruity” beer I grab batch 2. If i want cleaner beer I grab batch 1!

I didn’t increase the temps of either batch beyond what ferm started at, and after primary ferm slowed moved both to the same closet and let set around 64f. I had identical FG’s of both at 1.011.

Thank you very much for the replies. I think I like my beers dry, but somewhat fruity. I think I’ll try fermenting in the mid-high range for the 1469.

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