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Yesterday. Did notice. My beer frozen. I do use the inkbird. Temp controller. I did replace this morning. The temp. Probe. So it heathing up now. The controller. Says. But what can the issue be. With the contoller. Do i have to replace the compleet. Inkbird. ? Me have no idea

Are you saying you replaced the probe and it is now working, or you replaced the whole controller?

Does the Inkbird read the correct temperature? Sounds like it wasn’t reading the temperature, and kept cooling. Or maybe a relay stuck, and it kept cooling.

I don’t have an Inkbird, but I like to test my controllers with a lamp. If the light bulb turns on when the controller reads above the set point, then I know it should be working.

Make sure the probe is not under keg or fermenter. That happened to me an I was getting to cold

Did put new probe on the ink bird. Turned it on again. Now its in heathing. Mode. The red light came on. Almost 0 dergee again. When it gets more than 4.5 degree Celsius. It should start cooling again. So check tomorow morning. If not. Me got a spare inkbird. And will replace it

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That could be as well me put new keg in. That i damaged the probe

I put my probe in a bottle of water in my chest freezer. My lines with picnic taps will freeze with the beer in them if i set it lover than 38 or so

I put a small fan in my keezer to keep temps even all around. Without it, one area was getting colder than the rest and freezing up on occasion.

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Thats a good idea. We shall see by today it should start cooling again. If not will use my spare inkbird

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