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Inkbird Itc 308?

Hello I am testing my inkbird itc 308 temp controller with 5gal of water in my fermenter to make sure everything is ruining good.But last night the controller turn off my fridge but my controller still show the set temp an the current temp of water in the fermenter but for some reason the fridge did not turn back on an the inkbird itc 308 was still showing the temp of the water in the fermenter was warmer than my set temp on the controller which should of been running the fridge to cool the water in my fermenter to my set temp i had programmer in to the controller but after i unplug an re plug my fridge it started working right. So my ? should I be worry about this little problem?

There is probably a set point above your “set temp” that your fridge will kick on at.

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Does the Inkbird have an adjustable deadband? For example a control setpoint but an allowance above or below so it doesn’t cycle the fridge too often. That may be influencing what you’re seeing. EDIT: Just looked and it has a 1-30 degree cooling differential.

Maybe “Short Cycle Protection”

When the cooling turns off it needs to stay off for a period, usually 5-15 minutes. This is to protect the compressor.

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I have the same controller and yes it has a dead band you can set to prevent short cycling I set mine to about 2 or 3 deg. If it goes into the compressor protection mode the cooling led will flash on and off for a few minutes and then the relay will turn the fridge on and the led will be solid.

Mine has been working pretty well for about a year now so far.

Ok I think I might of figured out my problem that I was asking about last night. I ran a another test today an I notice that my inkbird was only cooling the fermenter down to 67f when I had the controller set to 65f the inkbrid was still in cooling mode at 67F but my refrigerator was not running so I unplug the refrigerator plug from my inkbird unit an had to press the prongs in a little bit an plug it back into the unit An now so far it working. So I am guessing the inkbird plug where it say cooling heating the Relay an the plug to my refrigerator weren’t Getting fully connected I think that was the problem

You might also need to check the compressor delay as well. It is listed as CD in the menu. I have mine set at 10 to keep it from cycling off and on constantly and haven’t had any issue maintaining constant temps within .4 degrees.

The delay is very good point… If it starts and stops too much and to close in cycles … you’ll burn it out… Sneezles61

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