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Inkbird 310 bit the dust already

Tried the 310T model of the inkbird for the past few months all was well, I liked the ability to program in the fermentation temp rise after x days for when I am traveling.

For the past couple of weeks had been just using it to keep the chest freezer at 40 deg to store some bottles of Irish red and a few cans of Diet Coke left over from god knows when…,…

Came home from a 5 day trip to Chicago and looked in, seemed like it was kind of warm in there, and the bottom of the freezer had what was found to be Diet Coke from two leaking cans. (I was just so very thankful it was not my Irish red). So it must have gotten cold enough to freeze the cans and start a small leak (they both were still half full). I played around with it and found that when I caused it to switch to heat, the temp reading would go all over the place (like -4F and bounce all around like an open circuit).

So I reverted back to my old original Inkbird 308 which has served me well for the past couple of years. I will stick to what has worked for a while until I can find or build something that I can have confidence in.

I would bet the alcohol in your Irish red saved it. Alcohol, what can’t it do? :grin: I’m not much help with your controller. The only one I have ever owned is a Johnson controllers manual dial.

You might try contacting Inkbird. Sometimes companies are willing to help even if the product is out of warranty.

I brought it upstairs to play around with it and could not Get the temp reading to go open circuit/ float like it did in the freezer but it seems to read about 10 deg high.

It has a pluggable temp sensor so I spent 10 bucks and ordered a replacement. I will see if that works and run it side by side with my old one in control and see how it does for a while. May be a while before I trust it enough to control fermentation again.

I have a dual probe meat thermometer I don’t trust the readings on. It has a wired remote display so I can watch the temp inside my smoker without opening it. Going to have to try dunking them in ice water then boiling water to get an idea if/how much it’s off.

When Radio Shack was still a thing I went in to buy a digital indoor/outdoor thermometer. They were in a display case next to the register and I LOLed that no two displayed the same temperature and that there was a 10 degree difference between the highest and lowest. I took the extra time to rub the store manager’s nose in it… They stopped displaying them.

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Got the replacement temp sensor last week, plugged it in and it seems to be tracking right along with my older unit. We shall see…

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