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Ink bird 308. Issues

My ink bird 308. Goes only in heating mode once i plug. Into my fridge. This is a 220 volt fridge. Did buy my ink bird at amazon usa. It does say. 110v to 240 volt on the back of the. Inkbird. Now my beer freezes. Can get the right temp

I don’t have and inkbird myself. The thoughts I have, are:
Is the fridge plugged into the “cooling” outlet?
Is the fridge drawing more than 10A?

I read the manual here Looks like it’s pretty straight forward Did you reprogram?

Yes its in the cooling plug. Dont know if it pulls 10amp

Yes i did. If i plug it into a separte power socket. It goes in cooling mode. Once i plug. In freezer. Heating red light comes on not. The cooling light

What does it say keezer temperature is? Is it possible your heat setting is above cooling? Heat setting may override cooling.

Can not see. It has only a dial. From 1 to 7. Dont know how high i have to set the dial. For the. Inkbird to take over the control. Did a test. Did took ice water hang the probe in there. And. The temp did drop to the set value. So it is not the inkbird. More like the setting dial of fridge. Now i am stupid. Have no idea to how to set the dail on keezer. Did some searching. But they say plug in set your setting and forget. Now did ask my sister. To. Buy one in holland a 220 volt see if this works. Let me send a photo. If this ink bird i have works on a 220 volt keezer. Me lost on power suply things

Its way to cold right now. Have the setting bit less than 1. Any lower. The keezer turns off

I just watched you tube about setting the parameters on the 308… just a thought… Sneezles61

The thing came with 2 probes. Me had a brain fart while diving. Lets try the short probe. This seems to work. Mayby long one broke. Or only for heathing got it working now


You are confusing me. You say it goes into heat mode but also say that your beer freezes.

Sorry. See you have it fixed now. Great.

Not really confusing. The inkbird does not work. Went into heating mode. Fridge does not coraspond. Had to disconnect the ink bird. So my beer did freeze

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