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Ingredient Storage

I am looking for suggestions on how I should store ingredients after I have received them. Right now I am using kits and purchasing 5 or so at a time so I would like to preserve items the best I can.

From what I have read, hops in the freezer (do they need to defrost prior to throwing in the pot?) and yeast in the fridge.

What about:
-specialty grains
-dried fruits (orange peel for example)
-spices (coriander for example)
-am I missing anything else??

Thanks in advance!

Hops - Freezer is correct, use a vacuum bag if available. I take mine out when I start my mash water and they’re fine to use by the time the boil is ready. Even when not mashing as seems to be the case here, whenever you are assembling your ingredients for the brew should be more than sufficient.

Yeast - Fridge is correct. Do not store in the freezer unless you have researched this and taken the necessary steps related to keeping yeast in the freezer.

Specialty Grains - If possible do not crush until you’re about to use them. I would guess though that you likely have them crushed by your supply vendor. In that case I would say keep the bag closed in a cool, dry room. I would advise against the refrigerator or freezer because of the high moisture content in those spaces, though I bet some would disagree with me there.

DME - Same as above

LME - In the fridge in an opaque container (allows no light in)

Dried Fruit and Spices - I would suggest a cellar if you have one, if not, again a cool dry place would be best.

Fermcap S - If you use this it should be stored in the fridge.

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