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Infusion, Decoction, or Turbid Mash for a Wit?

The title says it all. What mash method is best for a wit beer? Infusion, decoction, or turbid?



Turbid mash is traditional for a Wit, but I’ve only used infusion when I’ve made them. I’ve used decoctions many times (on other styles of beer), and don’t see how it would give any advantage on a wit. Tried a Turbid mash for the first time this year (on a Berliner Weiss) and was very impressed with the results, though I can’t really say if the mash was the reason. But good enough that I’ll probably try a turbid mash next time I brew a wit.

Post your results when you’re done.

I’ve had great results step mashing my wit (beta glucan, protein, sacc, mash out), and its just easier for me to do that via decoction (and it gives me something to do).

Single infusion works great. The key is unmalted wheat, it gives the very lightest almost grayish white color and plenty of turbidity.

I recently made a wit with a simple single infusion mash / batch sparge and it worked great. I had 50% flaked wheat. The mash was a little low in diastic power due to the large proportion of wheat, so I let the mash rest for 2 hours. I had trouble getting a good iodine test because the wheat contributed a lot of grain particles to the liquid, but it did seem to fully convert and I had no problem (batch) sparging. In the future I will probably substitute some of the wheat for wheat malt.

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