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Me looking for a book to read about brewing with fruit. Ok can find lots of info on the web. But would like to have a book

To be honest Im writing a book of just that brewing with fruit. There really is not a complete book about it that i know of just few books that have small sections in them. One book is extreme brewing not the greatest book in my opinion but if buy it used worth it for the fruit section in it. Also i would be more than happy to help you with your fruit beer question.


@damian_winter recently helped me with some fruit questions. He’s a great asset.

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There is alot of talent on this forum! Good to hear Damian! Sneezles61

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Thank you loopie and sneezles. Im about four chapters in writing now that covers alot of differents styles and adding fruit in theses styles with recipes. There is one little section of science and helpfull info of fruits and tanning etc. Its short which is how i wanted it but it covers everthing easily. I wanted the focus on the brewing and fruit. Loopie I would like to talk some time with you. I think you would make a great addition to this book if you would be interested.

Thanks. Ok. Me got the feeling the fruit disappears real fast once in the keg. So not enough flav. On the end. Me did the cherrie kriek dawson about 9 months ago. Did add two cans cherrie puree to the secondary. A 6.5 gall batch. This monday. Did taste it. The color there but not really a taste. So question how much fruit to add. How long. And when to add next time.

So damian you feel like coming to the island. To give lecture about fruit and beer. I will teach you scuba diving

Two cans of cherry puree is generally enough to give a nice cherry taste to your beer 5 gallons 5.5 gallons. Some beers with yeast that finish at lower gravities and use bacteria tend to lose alot of the fruit taste due to the frutose beening 100% fermentible the flavonoids are there just no sugar left to enhance the flavor. I like to think of it like wine making. Residual sugar the sugar that didnt ferment out the more you have the sweeter the wine and more natural fruit taste the wine will have. This is the same with brewing brewing beer with fruit. In most cases i find that adding the fruit after primary fermentation is done in secondary is best time. For cherries puree 1 pound per gallon is just a good base start for some beers that finish with gravities of 1.010 and above. When adding bacteria cultures to your beer 1.5 to 2 pounds per gallon for beers that finish below 1.010 gravity

I would love to come to the island and brew with you maybe one day !!

The beer got a nice fresh taste. They do like the beer but my self. Did think. More cherrie after taste

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