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Infections and such

It amazes me, that there is so much information about homebrewing out there. But when it comes to infections picked up over the co**** of time in a batches life. There seems to be no answer. It appears to be one topic that is delt with in the forum guessing game. What is it what does it look like can you post a pic etc… Why is that I wonder there is all kinds of information on off flavors.

Anyway on to what I was wondering since star san is a nonrinsing sanatizer Do you thinK that it could leave a soapy or oily film floating ontop of a beer. This almost seems to always happen when I use a secondary. I just drain the carboy and a good bit of stuff hangs around and I just fill her up most of the time it does not get filled all the way to the top. This is the only thing I can come up with as the batches dont taste bad or anything. I have had that wild yeast infection from fresh fruit before and it does not look like that powdery film.

I dunno just thought that someone out there would know A place that would give detailed information about stuff like this. As I have come up with nothing.

I’ve noticed an oil-slick like sheen on a few of my beers. I think I’ve only noticed it in secondary as well BUT I would say I’ve only noticed it there because I could see through the glass at the correct angle to notice it, which is not possible in my primary bucket fermenters.

I think it’s one of two things: Sanitizer as you suggested (Star-San does have a foaming agent or whatever that creates all the bubbles/foam) or oils from hops.


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