Had this biere de mars lagering for 3 weeks, removed it from the fridge, racked to a secondary vessel so I could use the yeast for a spring saison.

Now the beer has warmed from ~35* to ~60*, but these little things on top were not there yesterday. I’m hoping they are just nucleation sites for the CO2 coming out of the solution as it warms. Not sure where I could have picked up an infection, the BDM had a strong fermentation with WY3711, lagered on the yeast cake, cleaned and sanitized the attached carboy, and racking cane.

Please tell me I’m still a nervous n00b after 40+ batches.

hard to tell, but it looks like co2 bubbles to me. i wouldn’t worry about it unless it smells/taste awful or sour

Oh, that’s the other thing. It still smells great. Can’t pick up any musty/sour smells. Yet.

i wouldn’t worry. sometimes it’s easy to get nervous (happens to me all the time)

Looks fine to me. I had a brown ale that looked very similar the morning after I racked from primary to secondary. Those little bubble spots never really went away either. I still have a few bottles left (after bottling in mid January) and they taste great. To quote everyone on this site “RDWHAHB”!

I bet you are fine.

The slight agitation of racking, and the 25 degree temp increase could easily create bubbles like that.

I would agree. As you know CO2 is more readily dissolved in colder solution. By warming the beer it is being released causing nucleation.

+1 to everyone, looks just fine. That is exactly what CO2 looks like when its releasing from wort.

You say it smells great, then I’d say you’re just fine. :cheers: