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Infection post-fermentation?

How possible/probable is it for an infection to occur post-fermentation, in a sealed carboy?

I have a 1.065 OG saison that I’ve kept in a temperature-controlled environment (starting at 68F and now at 78F). Primary fermentation had begun within 12 hours, and high krausen followed shortly thereafter. The krausen fell to the bottom sometime around day 6, and in its place, I have a thin, spotty, layer on the top of the liquid.

I never noticed any time during which the top layer was completely clear, and so while I assume that this spotty layer is leftover krausen, I’ve also never used this yeast nor held a beer near 80 degrees before… for that matter, I’ve never had an infected batch, either.

It doesn’t seem conceivable that a 1.065 beer could ferment out and that, afterwards, an infection could occur without additional, outside intervention. I guess I’m not sure what I’m looking at, and I’m hoping for someone with more experience to chime in. The yeast is Wyeast #3726 “Farmhouse Ale.”

Is this a wait-and-see moment? I’d like to ramp the temperature up to 80-82, but I’m feeling a bit uncertain, worried there’s something funky going on…

Crack it open and have a taste.

+1 There are some infections that take a while to show up. My best bet would be that what you see is just leftover foam, yeast floaters or perhaps some impurities left over from the malt/hops. The only way to know is to pull a sample and see if you get any off flavors. If something’s wrong, you’ll know it pretty quick. :wink:

That’s what I’m hoping, just floating foam & yeast… but I guess the only way to tell is to taste it, eh? I’ve included a photo (keeping the size relatively large to view the spots in question):


I’ve had my beer begin to bubble at week four, slowly at first with ever increasing speed. I’d never once opened the carboy.

Anyways went ahead and bottled. Two weeks later tried one, slight taste of vinegar. Pour the whole batch down the sink :cry:

Definately taste before you bottle, don’t make that mistake, lot of wasted work to bottle a crap batch. If you do suspect it’s bad, leave it sit and see if it clears. If it’s working its way to vinegar you will know simply by tasting it, it will be undeniable. I would taste it, its the quickest way to know, if at all unsure just let it sit and see what happens and then taste again.

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