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Infection in secondary or still fermenting?

Caribou Slobber extract has been in secondary for a week now, and I noticed a couple of days ago a few patches of off-white foam on the surface that has spread into a thin layer. I’ve never seen this before in secondary. My guess is that it wasn’t finished in primary. It was in primary for 2 weeks at about 66-68 degrees, and gravity reading was 1.019-1.020 when I racked. Thoughts?

Guess I should have read further as someone already posted something similar on 10/6. I’ll check taste, smell, gravity tonight.

My thoughts?

Skip the secondary.

[quote=“shredd3r”]My thoughts?

Skip the secondary.[/quote]

Yeah, I saw that comin’. I just like the idea of letting the beer “clean up” in secondary.

It will clean up and clear up in a longer primary. Also transfering adds risk of infection and oxidizing the batch. But in the end it’s about preference

Give it some more time and try tasting a sample like you said. More often than not it will be fine

Remember, there’s nothing that can grow in beer that can really hurt you, so give it a bit, and see what happens!


Good news. I did a taste test last night and, well, it tasted like warm, flat Caribou Slobber. No off aromas or tastes. Still a bit of foam on top but all is good. Bottling this weekend. Thanks for the replies everyone!

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