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Infection from gas line?

So after moving all my stuff (most of it), I kegged up 5g of the faux pils we made last night. However, being the brilliant homebrewer that I am and disorganized mover of household goods that I am, I didn’t clean or sanitize my beer line (picnic faucet) or my gas line. I pulled a quick sample of the pils as it was carbing up, and got a faint whiff of that cheesy weird aroma that is either pedio or lacto. Thinking back to before I moved, I believe I had a beer back up into my gas line that I never cleaned. So I woke up in the middle of the night, disconnected all lines/connections, and soaked in bleach, rinsed this morning, and now have them soaking in sanitizer.

Logically, if there were some nasties growing in the gas line, the damage is already done as I used to carb the beer, thereby blasting whatever was in the line into the keg. However, the only reason I think it may be ok is the fact that I have the kegerator set to 34*, where bugs might not be very active.

The other possibility is that it was in my beer line, likely the picnic faucet, which would be, in my mind would bode much better for me and my would-be delicious saazy pils.

Any thoughts?

I’m sure you saw the long thread about my issues. I perceived the off flavors developing as butterscotchy. But it also happened after a move for me, I’m sure I had beer back up into my lines at one time, thought nothing of it and it went from there.
Recently, I disassembled my gas lines, soaked in PBW for a day, rinsed really well, then hang dried them for a couple days. Seems to have taken care of it, whatever it was. The issues I was having was that the beer was always great (mainly IPAs for some reason) until it was starting to get fully carbonated. Hence, me eventually coming to the conclusion that it was the gas lines. Not sure why it was so noticeable in IPAs and hoppy beers, maybe because you really know when a hoppy beer doesn’t taste right, versus something like a porter or amber ale, that butterscotch might just be perceived as part of that beer’s profile.
Anyway, my last IPA was tasty until the end, so I think I’ve solved my problems. Hopefully this solves yours as well.

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