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Infection from a starter?

Making a starter for my tripel tonight and, of course, after dumping my sanitizer I realized I forgot to sanitize my funnel. That got me to thinking…has anybody every heard of getting an infection in their starter then unknowingly pitching it into a batch? YIKES! That would suck.

BTW I sanitized my funnel so I’m not anticipating an issue.

I had a starter that smelled like vinegar once… dumped it.
I’ve had other starters that never really started, even after a few days. Dumped 'em.

Its certainly not out of the question. Making a starter with an established infection only gives the wild yeast a head start for the wort.

I also believe it can happen for sure, although It hasn’t yet[ knock on wood] to me, but like Wahoo I always smell first. I have relied on good sanitizing, and so far it’s worked.

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